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Successful Gigs....Slipping ratings

Is anyone else having issues where they are successfully completing gigs, receiving 5 star ratings but they are either being demoted, have their ratings consistently slipping, or both?

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I came very close because of cancellations about three months ago. :unamused: It was scary :ghost: because most of the cancellations were “order by mistake” :woman_facepalming: issues. One fellow even ordered by mistake twice in a row! :thinking:

It takes many, many 5-star ratings to make up for even a 3.7 or 4.00 rating. :confused: I also have heard their is a rating :bug:, but I have not experienced it myself. :thinking:

You can figure out what your average rating should be and if it is not correct, contact CS and they will correct it.

Why are my Stats Changing (or Not Changing) for No Apparent Reason?

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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I’ve delivered my last 4-5 gigs ahead of time and received 5 star reviews but when I looked at the rating scale…it kept saying my rating was sliding.