Successful Order!


I came back to Fiverr after a couple of years off and set up a few gigs. My original intent was to have editing and book trailer gigs, but my main computer decided to go out on me. I can’t do book trailers until it’s out of the shop, but I did get three editing gigs up.

This weekend, I got my first order since I set these gigs up. I learned a lot of new things! I had no idea a buyer could request a custom gig. I can see this saving some hassle down the road. :slight_smile:

I had a great buyer and a great experience, and I’m looking forward to doing more business here. I also have to thank all those that offered encouragement here. :slight_smile:

And for those of you still waiting for your first sale, keep learning, work on refining your gigs, and most of all, be patient! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!


Nice work! I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting more orders considering you’ve retained your Level Two Seller status and have 350+ positive reviews.

Keep it up!