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Successful Sellers, Make Sure no one is Plagiarizing YOU

Just received a friendly tip from a loyal customer of mine. Someone she had previously referred to me now has a brand-new Gig up - and it’s VERBATIM for my editing Gig. Literally, word for word, with the same exact parts bolded, highlighted, etc.

This is a whole new kind of unprofessionalism, but something that I suppose we as Sellers need to start looking out for. Nota bene, friends!

Update. The seller has MORE than one gig which literally copy my descriptions, word for word!

Reply to @madmoo: hi Ang, thanks for this advice! I contacted the Seller in question, who responded apologetically with - as you predicted - some colorful excuses for why this happened. I’m giving the individual the benefit of the doubt and will sit tight on contacting CS as long as it gets taken down.

What a strange experience. I had no idea this type of thing even happened! I don’t blame you for placing an order with your copycat seller - I was tempted to do the same! I suppose I’ll have to start doing weekly searches as you’ve suggested.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep the whole imitation = flattery thing in mind :slight_smile: