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Such a lovely day

I started fiverr 7 month ago, I reached yesterday Level 2.
I cant mostly take all orders what customers want. Otherwise i need extra 24h a day.
But have been here, working hard, doing my thing and video editing reach has been amazing, atleast 20 video edits a month. I think its alot, specially if i do small, but more orders. Still getting around 1k usd a month.

Kepp going guys, dont wait for big gigs to be ordered, start from small, i still do premium pack for 60 usd, and people come back, have done up to 125 videos in 7 month. And got reached 123 order 5 star ratings and got 4,7 only 2 times.

Keep active, and be sure to be online most of the time, its crucial to get a order.


I am happy that you are doing so well here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you take time out to sleep. :wink:


Congrats Oscar! I hope your business continues to grow and prosper. :slight_smile:

Yes I have it, plus Fiverr is a side job, full time job is Camera man + editor. So Fiverr gave me in a start a great boost for my edits. :slight_smile:

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In Real life it also gives me alot of great experience by my own bussines in camera man and editor . :slight_smile: Learn to earn.

My husband was a master proffesional photographer before he retired. :blush: