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Sudden Cancellation By Buyer. Can I find out why?

Yesterday I spent a while talking with a buyer who wanted me to help him outline a document. As promised I sent him a custom gig this morning and he accepted it straight away. I asked a few questions he sent me some documents and photos. As I was doing some research I got a message to say the order had been cancelled. No explanation. Ive never had a cancellation before and I understand it will hurt my rating, but more than that Im worried because I don’t know why this hapenned and I think the buyer has blocked me because I cant ask. Can a gig be cancelled ever when you’re in the middle of working on it, and for no reason? Can I find out what it was I did?


Hi @lesleywrites, sorry to hear this happened to you.

Have you tried looking your buyer’s profile? If the account isn’t available anymore, it’s most likely because Fiverr banned that buyer.

Short answer, yes.

I think not.

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What happened was quite unfortunate. But as maitasun said, it could be that fiverr terminated that buyer’s account, which is probably why you can’t contact him anymore.

Thanks for the replies @claramathew24 and @maitasun . The buyers profile seems to be faded out on my screen. Does that mean blocked? They had so many excellent reviews as a buyer, it would seem most odd, but in any case, it doesn’t seem right for me to have a cancellation, I assume this will make a different to my stats.

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Fiverr finds a way for everything (even if not your fault) to reflect in your stats.

Hi @lesleywrites, you’re most welcome! :smiley:

When you enter’s username) does it say something like “This page is no longer available”? If so, then your buyer got banned by Fiverr.

Sorry to say that this is something that no one can do anything about it. Fiverr is who sets the rules and we’re all submited to them.

I guess you could try contacting CS explaining what happened and asking them if this would impact you stats. I think it will but maybe they could consider differently, who knows. Just keep it short and clear and be polite to them. Also, please don’t open and open tickets, wait for their reply.

Hope this can help and if you wish, may I kindly ask you to please keep us updated on CS’s answer?

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Absolutely - I have contacted CS and will let you know what they say, especially as I have since been contacted by the buyer (on Fiverr) who did have a temporary problem with his account and we are now working on an order identical to the one he originally placed.

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Once I had the very same situation.
It was one of the most loyal customers, but his order was canceled.
When I contacted CS, I was told:

I looked into this for you and it seems that this order has been canceled by mistake on our end.


As an update, CS told me yes, it will reflect against me, but to contact them if it caused a problem. As its my only cancellation, I’m hoping to wont lose me my level one rating, but its not encouraging to know that it sticks with me even though it had nothing to do with me at all.

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