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Sudden Decrease In Gig Rankings

Hi everyone,
I have been on fiverr for almost more than 2 months, I was doing great, getting orders , completing them on time and getting great reviews, my gigs were on the first page of the search list but suddenly yesterday all of my gigs got demoted to the last gig of the last pages of the search list, And have done everything but cant get them on top, really tensed about this, Can someone shine a light on this why this happened


I believe this is because of gig rotation, to give everyone a chance of being seen on first few pages. Having said that, I always see the same few designers on the front page, no matter what. So not sure how exactly the gig rotation malarkey works.


In addition to gig rotation, new users get a boost for a bit when they first sign up. So your boost is over and it is your turn to not be on the first pages. Also, note that if you look at your gig placement incognito it will be very different from where you see it when you are logged into Fiverr.


i know that gig rotation takes place to give new sellers the boost but does it has to be done by decreasing all my gigs ranks to the last page gig, thank you for reading this


thanks for your reply

do gig marketing and try to be active on fiver more than 12 hours. it will be helpful to rank you gig.

i try to keep online on fiverr most of the time actually more than 12 hours every day but still it happened to me
thanks for your suggestion

@furqan_khan99 I am also face the same problem but now gig my impression are increasing day by day after gig marketing

You can stay 25 hours a day and it won’t make a difference. The amount of time spent online doesn’t matter.


@abdulbari_sobuj how and where should i do gig marketing to be effective

@donnovan86 then what factors matter

share your gig to your social media for example Facebook twitter LinkedIn Instagram

thanks for your suggestion :innocent:


Please see:

@imagination7413 i have read this and many other posts many times but it does not help with my problem,
Thanks for your suggestion

You didn’t state anything about wanting help, or a solution to a problem, you only asked to know ‘why’.


@imagination7413 i am stating now that i want someone to help me with this problem. Will be very thankful

I’ll be honest: gig placement in the search results isn’t something that can be ‘fixed’. Not in the way you’re likely thinking. NO ONE knows the Fiverr algorithm. There is no “go do X, Y, and Z” that will ‘fix’ your placement. It’s mostly out of your control. You can try to mess with your gigs, the descriptions and tags, but you could just as easily make your gig worse.

You cannot control that. Instead, control the controllables. Have you read this yet?


It’s a common problem… Just ignore it… and keep trying to get order…
it will fix automatically…