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Sudden drop in business

I am looking for suggestions regarding why my jobs have dropped so precipitously in the past month. I have great metrics, jobs completed, ratings, no issues. Suddenly there is almost nothing. Anyone experience similar situations? Just the nature of the beast?

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same here may we all get success with the blessings of Allah Almighty

same here,
for over than 5 months i have rare jobs

Yes, most of us facing the same problem. Since starting this year my sales going down. Very few new buyer and enquiries though.

Fiverr rarely cares for their seller if they are doing good, like all stats 100% and 5 stars reviews, but if you have a single minor mistake like 1 order cancellation or missed 1 or 2 replies within 24hrs, then you better prepare for dry sales. By then you need to wait 60 days to pick it up. This platform seems you can’t make any mistake, more than 2 times of the same mistake, and your Fiverr career will be doomed. :upside_down_face:

Fiverr have become more Saturated. To Grab your business and keeps the order velocity. Follow these Guidelines.

  1. Don’t underestimate the BUYER REQUETS. send it on Daily basis.
  2. Share your gig on Social media Platforms. Get Client from there.
  3. Join forums like QUORA and different community centers. Answer the questions asked by people. You’ll get Orders.

Good Luck