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Sudden drop in order completion rate

I went to sleep at 0300 AM, woke up at 0500 to realise my order completion rate has dropped down a per cent to 89? I have had 19 completed orders (17 in the last 60 days), two cancelled and 4 in the queue with upcoming deadlines.
I know completing the orders will bring me over the minimum requirement, but I need to know what on earth happened within these two hours?!


Order completion rate looks at the stats within the past 60 days. So the number of orders you’ve completed within the past 60 days has probably gone down compared to the number of cancellations in the past 60 days. Hence the completion rate has dropped.

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But why suddenly?
It is not like the 60 days with 17 orders happened just now. It has been 4 days to my last submission and it was 90 then. Shouldn’t the calculation happen at the time of submission so I know my status?

Have you calculated the stats? Compare them with the stats in the past 61 days.

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I am just upset right now.
I just calculated and it is 89 but my question still remains why suddenly?
I thought fiverr automatically calculates over an order completion/cancellation.
Thank you for your response, though. I apologise for not thanking you earlier for being reasonable.

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Maybe these will help answer:

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Thank you so much, I will go through the links!
My rant is for single instance. I will be back to >90 by tomorrow morning.

Just an update for those who may encounter a similar issue. My order completion rate has jumped to 94 per cent… I have no idea what is happening as long as it is in my favour, lol.
Again… I had gone to sleep at 0330 PM and woke up at 0435, signed out of Fiverr and signed back in again (I usually do that as due earnings update sometimes), lol
Maybe I should stop sleeping :open_mouth:

As it was stated above. It’s all based on what you completed and canceled in the past 60 days. Fiverr automatically adjusts that.

Does it happen as suddenly?
I had contacted support and they reverted back at the same time my completion rate had gone back up stating they refreshed my profile.
It was nice of them to respond asap, otherwise, I had accepted my 89 per cent :sob:

Don’t worry… Is will be fix after 60 days …

Well it depends on how many orders you have. For a large flux of orders, you don’t really have to worry about this.

It happen me last cupule of days before.