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Sudden drop in sales and impressions

Hello! I am a Fiverr seller that programs games for buyers. I used to be one of the highest-rated Scratch sellers on Fiverr but now my gig has started seriously failing. I was always on the top 5 list when you search up something like “make a scratch game” but now I’m not on the first 10 pages. I average 1 impression a day now when I used to average 50!? What happened? It’s like Fiverr decided I wasn’t good anymore even though I’m a level one seller that’s almost crossed into level 2


Check this out:

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Please keep in mind where you see your gig ranked is not where everyone who searches for Scratch sellers will see it placed. If you are incognito mode often you will see your gig placement in a different spot.

do gig marketing to increase you gig impression try be active always on fiverr

Okay! I wasn’t aware of this system! but will I be put back to the more recent pages in the future though because sales have very much so declined