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Sudden drop in sales and page position! Help! [DUPLICATE - CLOSED]

I’m a Top Rated Seller with a voiceover gig and have been for some time. I have a 100% rating with nearly 3000 positive reviews. Until December 2015, I was clearing at least $1000 a month (sometimes as much as $1500) with my voiceover gig. Last December it dropped below $900 for the first time in a long time, and then in January it was $600, February was $500, and if the first few days of March are any indication, I can expect even less this month! The big issue for me is that for reasons unknown, my page position in the “High Rating” page in the voiceovers category dropped WAY down. I used to be in the top four or five rows, but I’m currently sitting in the basement of ROW 21! Have I run afoul of the Fiverr bosses? Am I being punished for some unknown infraction? I don’t know. Friends, especially my fellow voiceover sellers, if you’ve experienced a similar sudden, inexplicable drop in both page position and sales, please contact me or reply to this post. I’m getting desperate. Fiverr helps me put food on the table for my wife and the seven kids I’ve still got living at home. I love Fiverr – it has literally changed my life. I don’t want to have to try some other service like elance or whatever, and I’ve already got a full time career on top of my Fiverr freelancing, so the thought of doing both of those PLUS some part-time paycheck job at a convenience store or something is very disheartening.

Hi, I am sorry to hear that…maybe you can ask customer support about this.

I think that will be my next step. This was very unexpected after almost two years of consistent income. Maybe they can help me out.

I’m sure they will, but be patient and don’t get emotional.