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Sudden drop in sales. What could be the cause of this?

This is my third month on Fiverr. Within 2 months of using Fiverr, I gained Level 2 Seller status. Now, I have suddenly went from getting 3-4 orders a day (and about 5 inquirys a day) to nothing at all. I haven’t had a sale in 3 days. I haven’t even received any inquiry messages. I checked my search rankings, and nothing appears to have changed… Could this just be the holidays?

It is possible that the holidays are the cause. It is is also possible that this drop is just part of the roller coaster ride that is being a seller here on Fiverr. Sales rise and fall from time to time. We, as sellers, just have to ride it out – as any business would – and keep promoting and improving our gigs.

Thanks for your feedback.

I think you are right. I saw a decrease in sales starting early December and then it started pick back up mid January.