Sudden drop in sales?


Has anyone experienced a drop in sales in the last few days?

I’ve been on here for some time now and I’m used to the monthly fluctuation. The amount of orders goes up and then goes down.

But this month is something special :slight_smile:

At the beginning of the month I’ve smashed all my records. I constantly had 10-20 orders in queue.

But in the recent days my dashboard looks like a ghost town. To be honest I still have 7 long term gigs opened so I’m not panicking or anything. But fresh orders are virtually nonexistent for the last 5 days. Anyone else experiencing the same?

I didn’t change my gigs. I was wandering if it had anything to do with the recent updates?


Hi, it is because your gigs got automatically ranked on the top of search bar and you got orders as a juice and you made up your month now its time for other sellers to rank higher and to get orders. This thing is done automatically to balance all the competitors.


Have you tried to search for your gigs? I tried to search for one of mine and it hasn’t shown up in any search results. There seems to be a problem with the search. Let me know if you find your gigs in the search results. Maybe we need to alert Fiverr to a problem.


Hi Trafficspurt,

Thanks for posting your concern … You quite literally took the words out of my mouth. Since opening my Fiverr account February 25th to be exact (this year), I have had a semi-consistent flow of traffic and orders for a newbie here. However, it has been an absolute Ghost town the last 4-or so days for me as well. Until today. Finally received an order this morning, so it did give me some peace-of-mind knowing my gigs are showing up. I guess it’s just a question of how deeply they’re buried in the search.

I’ve also recently updated a few of my gigs to try and optimize them. Praying I’ve made the right improvements. I guess you can’t know if it’s a question of ones Gigs maturing before moving up in the ranks, or if it had something to do with SEM/SEO.



Here is my thought :

You can post your profile/gig links only in the My Fiverr GiGs category of the forum. Posting them anywhere else would be considered as spam. IMO anyone who wants to go to your fiverr profile can just click your profile pic and your fiverr profile link will appear there. So, giving the link at the end of the posts are not needed.


Links are also allowed in the Improve my Gig category IF the user is asking for advise or critique. Advertising goes in My Fiverr Gigs as @taverr has stated.

:flag_black:Please take care to check out the forum rules and general guidelines.