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Sudden drop of orders (musicians, composers, audio production)

Hi, I’m now 1 year I think here (composers and musicians ect) and last month was crazy with the orders, also in july… and suddenly it stopped. I thought maybe it is because vacations ect but then… I think I saw real reason!! There are couple of kids and the prices what they are offering for the customers are funny. I don’t wan’t to name anyone and I don’t wan’t to offend anyone, but I think that this is hurting all our business. I love what I do and I can’t be happier, but we all have life expenses, this is why also I think we should have normal prices and shame that Fiverr is’t doing anything to determine the lowest price point or something like that. Because, for someone this is just fun (making music), but for others… it’s a job! So… I dunno what to say anymore… I hope people will come to sense soon.
Like I said, I don’t want to offend anyone… I’m just giving my opinion!

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$5 is the lowest price point.

As for your competitors, if they’re any good, they’ll either raise their prices, or they’ll be unsustainable and suffer burnout. If they are not any good, then they’ll get poor ratings, or not get repeat clients.

The extra $600 unemployment payments ended here in the u.s. as well people may have burned through their 1200 stimulus checks (those who qualified).

well… the problem is hat you have people who doesn’t hear the quality of production or they just need “music”… but this is not the issue hear. Musicians which are lowering the prices are the problem for themselves and for everybody else… but unfortunately, it’s a free market!