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Sudden Drop of Sale up to 100% - Collectively

Today is February 15… and my Gig is now receiving no sale at all except from one of my loyal buyer (returning).

My gigs used to have orders everday constantly without any problem but it drastically changed last week were i started receiving no sale… 100%…

The same is happening here. The last 10 days it was the worst of 5 years I’m in Fiverr. Only 1 sale from new customer, got 2-3 from past buyers that expected them to buy. I’m very frustrated. I get impressions, I get views, but no orders - no messages. This reminds me of the dead christmas period, but this is even worse.

Is this some kind of a Fiverr penguin/panda version? I very confused now, it scares me so much. Im in a panic now.

Impressions are good. Sales were good then 1-2 weeks ago it dropped suddenly to zero sale.