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Sudden drop on fiverr account

Hello everyone!!

Usually I get 1 or 2 enquiries from Byers in a day . Though turn-out to order depends on common terms. But past one week I did not recieve even single enquiry which is a sudden and surprising drop. Though my gig is landing on first page.

Also my order completion rate was 93% till yesterday. today it reduced to 92% without any activity happened.
Is it normal or something would have went wrong. Any idea?


Your completion rate will fluctuate while cycling through a 60 day period. So if you have any completed orders older than 60 days, they are no longer calculated into your rate percentage.

In the world of freelancing no trend is cemented in stone. The amount of inquiries and sales will not follow a monthly trend. It is totally normal when this happens. Your past performance can not predict your future outcome.


Thank you for the clarification provided by you it will be helpful.