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Sudden Drops? Have they happened to you?


I dont know why this happened, but before Christmas I was getting a about order a day ( a big thing for me), but as soon as Christmas was only a few days away and up till now I have had nothing not a message, not an order absoluteness blank. Did this happen to you guys to?

A Little Happiness: I AM A LEVEL 1 NOW WOOT WOOT! :smiley:


Yes - if you look at Global Internet traffic it drops really quite quickly in the lead up to Christmas. Was almost zero on Christmas day. Though I sold 6 gig units today so far. So it is definitely picking up. But a lot of people will have taken the week off - and in my case my gigs do really cater to businesses (Press releases and the like) - which means I anticipate the rest of this week to be slow. By the 5/6 of January we should be back up to Normal.


Oh and congrats on Level 1. You’ll notice things pick up from here.