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Sudden drops in sales?

Have they happened to you? I have been experiencing drops in sales since last Friday. Before I had 2-3 orders per day, now, totally nothing. Anyone?


@nolaan If you are as rude to buyers as you are about those who try to post helpful things, it’s no wonder you have trouble selling. Most of the forum posts are written by other sellers who may have more experience but are like any other user.

If you want to ask Fiverr staff about something, write to Customer Support. I don’t know what kind of communication you expect regarding your personal sales issues.

@deesajn. Ebb and flow is very normal for most sellers. Hang in there!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not had anything for over a week now I don’t even get clicks for some reason

Dear @fonthaunt this is the very example of what I’m talking about! Why are you pointing fingers at me? Let’s make an analogy. If google was fiverr and the only way to be seen on the internet, would it be also normal for them not to say : “There’s an algo update, expect x, y and z”? Again I’m not focusing on my personal sales (it’s happening to a lot of people), unless someone speak up, there’s always people to make you feel that this is only happening to you.
It’s been 3 months and no communication.

My sale dropped 100% for new buyers last week. I though i did something wrong but no, most of us is experiencing this issue. Before all of this, my gigs receives orders everyday constantly but now there’s nothing… yes nothing… zero…

Fiverr Penguin / Panda? Who knows…

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Maybe there are some kind of waves?

I have many interesting gigs and last few weeks my sales is dropped. Don’t know what happen. Any idea?

Ups and downs, all the time, sometimes every few days it goes up or down, other times a month it’s down, next month back up. Yes when it’s down we panic, then suddenly it goes back up. It’s probably easier for someone with a higher level to ride out the down times, but still it’s normal for it to seem to be staying down then suddenly come back up. I have my guesses about why it happens which I won’t share since it doesn’t help but it’s enough to say that this is the way it goes, not just on fiverr, but any type of internet website. It is rarely steady.

I didn’t point a finger at you about anything except your comment about something another user wrote in an attempt to be helpful. The forum is primarily a peer-support tool where sellers/buyers post their tips, opinions, etc. Fiverr staff rarely read the forum and they have other tools for most communications to users.

Another seller wrote a very nice tip post based on his long-term Fiverr experience and his viewpoint on why sellers worry too much about stats. People can agree or disagree with the post, but it was a well-written post and was chosen to be stickied in case it might help someone. If it didn’t help you, that’s fine, but if you want to rant about something there is a forum category for that.

I found it unkind of you to post a comment in an unrelated thread about your dislike of that sticky. That is why I said that you were rude. You and others may disagree with me on that, and that’s fine too, but I can tell you that negativity and impoliteness can affect your sales in a bad way. I will respond about the other things in another post.

@nolaan: Now, regarding the portion of your post that is partially related to the OP:

The thread is about drops in sales. Being able to sell or not is something that each seller is responsible for on their own. The forum is a good place to find out how one can improve on that. Fiverr is not responsible for sellers ability to sell and I don’t think @deesajn was trying to say otherwise. I think he was asking if others have also experienced lulls.

There are lots of reasons that people experience sales drops and it can help to ask about other people’s experiences. Sometimes people don’t realize there is a holiday happening elsewhere, etc.

You seem to be talking about multiple things in your response to him and to me. You seem to be talking about stats (impressions are part of that,) issues with search which you compared to google, and drops in personal sales.

I still don’t know what you mean by lack of communication for 3 months and how it relates to the other things. There was a very short term issue when the stats panel said 0 impressions for almost everyone. That was resolved a long time ago.

Search is working normally and I don’t know of any problem with it that has been happening for months. Fiverr has never made the search algorithm known and I am pretty sure they never will. As a business, they have a right to reveal it or not. Google chooses to reveal certain things and that’s fine. Fiverr doesn’t. I imagine they change it often. You can write to Customer Support with questions if you like.

As a seller myself, I would love it if we knew how Fiverr chose what was displayed in search. Since they don’t, I have to use guesswork and play with keywords and tags just like everyone else. If that is what you want Fiverr to communicate, post that in the Suggestion Box or send it to CS.

Back to the point of the thread, though, all sellers experience differences in their sales rates. It might be a slow time for some people and this thread is a great place to discuss that. If you want to start a different thread about your feelings regarding search algorithms, impressions, communication, or some other thing, please feel free. Those are 3+ different topics. If you have a direct comment that opposes the stickied thread on impressions, you can make comments there so the author and others can respond. Good luck.

The 401K plan is so limited too! :wink:

Maybe surfing internet has got me seeing links everywhere. I will try to make it clear on why it’s 1 subject and why I’m sensitive about it.
1)Impressions are the basis off everything on internet it’s like having a shop on Champs-Elysées or down at the bottom of the ocean, no impression means no chances to sell unless direct sales. You’ll never find a bigger correlation between sales volume and anything else than impressions. Prove me wrong!
2) Search is definitely broken some of your product will never show up in the search results.
3) It’s been the case since the end of december.
Now when I finally turn to the forum in order to find some decent answer (maybe my expectations were wrong, wrong to expect stg like : the fiverr dev team unveiled a big bug recently and they are working actively to fix it, this is how it’s affecting sellers blablabla…) and instead find : Impressions are nothing they don’t matter much… Excuse me for losing it.

For sure impressions number varies yes, everywhere I will never go against this fact. But you may know that impressions are a direct result of search. Hence if search is broken what happens to impressions? It goes to 0! So when I realize the length of the post arguing that impressions don’t matter much, excuse me for losing it even more and start suspecting a little cover-up. But again it may be just me seeing too many links.

Just share your gigs on Social media, websites and blogs, on forums and also create a new gig.

i agree to this… my sales dropped to 100%, no more new customers… no more daily orders… no more PMs… saddly, the only thing left was the returning loyal buyers…

Sounds like some Fiverr penguin / panda stuff? I don’t know… Only Fiverr knows.

I’m talking about the Fiverr search engine… If they updated the algorithm of that stuff then it’s quite good for buyers… for sellers, no, that’s a different story.

Yea i think this is a great help since I do that stuff too. But the main problem still persist. And no one knows what it is… just pure speculations and doubts.

I am a new seller and this is worrisome. If there is something wrong with the website, then I can be loosing the opportunity to get on my feet and get my first orders.