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Sudden Fall in sales to zero


I recently was running a great gig. with about $700+ a month from past two months. Daily 2-3 Orders. I received a negative review 2 weeks back but everything get stabled., and after that I had 10+ positive reviews too .
I had not even received a single query since past three days. I don’t know why?
Does this happened to anyone of you too?


Most of my clients are from US, I also experienced that, and my conclusion is it’s because it’s Thanksgiving and most of them are celebrating the holidays so that’s why there’s very few or no sales. Even the buyer’s requests are very few.

Hoping it’ll come back to normal tomorrow.


Thanks for sharing your experience too. … I think you are right That might be the cause.


I am also working from one year.

I also noticed about reviews.

Your 2 negative reviews equal to your 50 review of 5 stars.

so be careful about negative reviews.


Yeah, you can definitely see that there’s a holiday going on. :smiley: No new orders, updates or reviews in past 14 hours and still going on! That’s a new record! But at least we sellers get to chill a bit for the weekend, so don’t stress about it. It will pick up again next week!


Thanks for sharing your experience too. Let’s hope this would be the cause :stuck_out_tongue: .