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Sudden gig fall

I am a level 2 seller. Was getting good response from buyers with 5 star ratings…impression ,click analytics was positive…was on the first page of caricature section and was getting enough orders…but suddenly after last 3 orders 12-13 days ago my gig impression, click started to decrease rapidly…though I got two 5 star rating in my last 3 orders… And I am always online and replying fast but I am confused about what I did wrong?

You personally did nothing wrong.

Life is just not fair sometimes.

You could take your time and study what, how, why… but given that while you do that another set of 5000 “caricaturist” joins Fiverr… you will only end up in more of what, how, why.

Life is a mystery.


true… everyday there is new competition and i have to try harder… but that sudden fall can not be ignored though… feels bad sometimes… but have to overcome this anyway

Fiverr is like a circus dart game, the board is spinning, you are blindfolded and the object is to hit the board at all - and then hit the spot with the best price.

Yes, luck is important, but if you do not know how to throw darts at all no luck is gonna help you hit the board.

If you take your time you will see that in 10 years of Fiverr existence people complain how they experienced sudden drop, what can they do?

Think of it this way. The person holding the dart board and spinning it is Fiverr algorithm. All fine and nice right?


As we have discovered in 2020 the algorithm “guy” is just like you, blindfolded.


In terms of the analytics performance of your gig, I don’t have much to offer beyond what @marinapomorac has already touched on. From an SEO standpoint, I’ll tell you that your gig has a lot of space it isn’t using! You get 1200 characters and you’re using 234 of them. The same goes for your title, as well - you could fit more keywords or searchable phrases in there.

Why do I want your caricatures? Maybe they make a great birthday present, anniversary present, retirement present, etc. Maybe I want to get caricatures done for all of my employees to use on our “about us” page on the company website. Maybe I need one for my logo. Clients are generally very need/project focused, which means you have to use the language THEY are using to search for you. As an example, I’m a writer, and I have to spellcheck myself on the word caricature nearly every time - I might look for “cartoon portrait” instead.

Also, I always recommend that sellers check out their best-performing competition to see where they’re falling short on their own gigs. Look at the long description on this gent’s work, here:

Now, your work is super, super good. Talent isn’t what’s holding you back, here - it’s just attracting the right sets of eyes on your gig. Don’t get caught up in analytics and algorithms - I think I’ve literally checked mine like 5 times since I started a year ago, out of idle curiosity; I don’t let them kick up my anxiety. If I notice work isn’t coming in, I hit buyer requests, advertise on Twitter, reach out to old clients that might need recurring work. I focus on what I can change, rather than what I can’t :slight_smile:


@thatwordchick thanks a lot for taking your time to help me realize a lot of things… Really well written…and surely this will help… thanks again

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@marinapomorac Thank you for your valuable opinion… I will keep working hard…I will do my part right…and hope for the best

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