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Sudden influx of scams in my inbox

Ever since my gig became best selling, I’ve been getting a lot of people who are messaging me about them needing help usually that they want to use my computer to power something and that they will “give money in return”. It’s an obvious scam and I don’t know if I’m being targetted specifically, it’s getting annoying because I get these messages at least two times a day. Now I can’t be sure if who just texted me is a potential client or not. I’ve reported the users spamming me, but they just come back on different accounts.

Has anyone noticed this, and is there a way to prevent it?

Well i think you are not alone… Maybe you can’t prevent it because Fiverr algorithm can’t detect persons that do this thing because usually they create these accounts, they send you the message, than they delete them. Also even fiverr bans them for ip that’s useless because in the most cases they use VPNs.

I’ve been there expect I’ve been getting messages about working with them on (Another freelancing site)!! I just been deleting them or marking them as spam… its not frustrating but more of Annoying to the least…

No, they target a lot of sellers.

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I wish people would create REAL work for themselves, instead of scamming others. For example: Write articles, make videos, make logos. If you don’t want to do computer work, then clean homes, walk dogs, mow lawns or do gardening, organize garages, sell crafts. It’s far better than scamming people and ending up in prison, especially in a third or second world country!

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Yes. It’s always kind of ironic when people come to scam or beg on a site that they could actually earn money on if they put in some work.


I want to know how to contact Fiverr directly to complain. I have a response rate of 86% when I respond in minutes (phone popups) to any notifications. I have been in business for over 35 years freelancing and NEVER had an issue. The only messages I get from Fiverr are “this won’t affect your response rate” when I have ONLY had half a dozen scams in my mailbox. No real work, just people wanting me to get them a US IP, or participate in a scam. I politely write them saying please choose one of my gigs, and later Fiverr erases their account. Does everyone constantly get these fake inquiries? I’m on here a month.

Create a ticket here!!