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Sudden Loss of Ranking & Buyers


Till about 2 days ago, I used to consistently get anywhere between 2 to 4 queries a day. Then 2 days ago it suddenly stopped to 0. I haven’t gotten any queries in the last 2 days this is the first time that this has happened to me. So, I checked the ranking of my gig and it has suddenly disappeard from the ranks. I have 10 gigs listed and at least 4 of them used to rank in the first 3 rows whenever I searched for them but now suddenly none of my gigs are anywhere even on the first page. I did find one gig on the 3rd page somewhere lost in the crowd. I’m guessing this is the reason for the sudden loss of orders. However, I have no idea how or why this has happened?

Is this normal? Has it happened to anyone else who has been on Fiverr for a long period of time? Could this be cancellation issue? Any ideas at all? You guys think this will eventually rectify itself or should I go to support?

Thanks for any help guys!!

Dear Daksta:

I don’t see the Level 1 badge on your profile. You should definitely open a ticket with Fiverr Support.

Good luck,

Hi Blaise,

Thanks for your reply, I lost my levels due to an unintentional TOS violation (stupid me). But this happened quite a while a go, that didn’t affect my sales, however this random drop in search rankings has got me worried. I will definitely lodge a ticket in another 12 hours if nobody has an opinion on this.

I appreciate your reply sir!!


If you get a lot of gigs order that you will be a top-level searches.

With keywords, and competition.

If you do not have order, then your gigs will go down even to the bottom.

We recommend that you promote your gigs out through blogs, press releases, facebook, twitter and other social media

Hi, thanks for the reply. That makes sense, however that begs the question, how was I earlier getting so many queries? I was never promoting my gigs but I always used to get orders. So if what you are saying is true, then that creates a catch 22 situation right? Sounds logically weird. Could you please elaborate a little bit more on it?

I really appreciate you suggesting that I promote my gigs via the channels you mentioned and I will definitely take your advice and do this. However I am still perlexed as to why my gigs suddenly dropped in rankings even though I was getting orders consistently.

That’s because the keyword competition in fiverr.

Gigs will be in Roling out and above.
While the old gigs will stabilize at one point.

If you reached level 1 or 2.
Gigs then you will be in a fixed position.
The ride down was not so much.

If you are new gigs, they will be promoted dynamically with search algorithms fiverr

That is what I also thought. Point to be noted here is that all new gigs are purposely promoted to the top so that new sellers are able to sell. I just wanted to know whether this was correct or not. Thanks for your input.