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Sudden new buyers activity dropping & Fiverr Search


I am just wondering if someone have any explanation about this issue. Why Fiverr keeping best-rated Gig at below the search result (Category & keywords based search/ Sort: Average Customer Review) & promoting low rated Gig on top of the page?
& Why there is no real rating based Sort system on the search page?

I did a little research about this when my new buyer’s activity almost suddenly decreasing (from a week). I talked to CS, they said my Gig have good health in the system but the impression, click still dropping.
So far, I have no idea why it’s happening. Do you have the same experience if you are from Market Research/Virtual Assistant category?

Many Thanks.

my gig on web programming category i am facing same problem over 15 days .


I also experience the same. I’m doing logo design. When I did a search with the keyword “logo” and select “Avg. Customer Review” there are 4 gigs on top. Some completed only 20 orders. The person completed 35K+ orders (the highest rated gig in the logo category) is in the second row.
I think those 4 gig coming from “Promoted” gigs. Early they had “Ad” showing in the corner of the gig. Now they removed it. Now it’s like those 4 are the highest rated gigs in that category. Not good.

My suggestion is they should show that “Advertised” word in those 4 gigs.

I used to be at the second page 10th row when did a search. Now I moved 3-4 pages down. Do not know why that happens.

I am very much puzzled, why better Gig in the bottom? Fiverr needs to develop search algorithm, so people can find good gigs easily. They will keep filtration system, so new Gig also gets a chance.

I Agree.

Also I noticed that when you are logged in you get a different search result and if you do a search without logging then there is a different result.

Anyone who is going to place an order, they are registered in the system. So the search result should show them correct information.

Also I think it is better if they can change that “Avg. Customer Review” to “Top rated Sellers” as previous. That make more sense.

Agree. That “Avg. customer review” just not make sense, they should value more of their hardworking TRS.

When I first joined Fiverr, they talked about how newer buyers got more exposure. I’ve also seen the statistic that “Level 2 buyers receive 80% of traffic through repeat orders.” Have you been treating your clients right? Also, it seems that, from your best selling Gig, that it isn’t sustainable. By “sustainable”, I mean that buyers need it more than once. If your Gig isn’t sustainable, then you’ll get fewer repeat buyers, which is how us Level 2 sellers are supposed to receive our money.

I’d really try to nurture that “I will do Data Entry” Gig because that’s something that repeat buyers need more than once. The same thing goes for “I will do virtual assistant and research work” as well as “Mailchimp Email Marketing”.

These are ads

Few are ads (Fiverr new revenue program) but I am talking about ranking. When you sort result based on review then you must except 1K will be at the top, then someone has 800…so on but now in the search page you’ll see 30/50/100 at the top 3/4 rows, then someone has more than 1K reviews. Is it make any sense?

I am not experiencing that… my best selling gig is where it is supposed to be… for now #wink#

same problem with me

I´m still trying to figure out how all of this works, but search has me really puzzled too. It delivers questionable results, or no results, where there should be some, for the queries I tried.

I also think there is an algorithm set up to cater to what you are actually searching for, so sometimes results might appear lower because you’ve already searched for them and ‘saw’ them, so it wants to provide new results. (Example, try searching in a different browser while you are logged out, you’ll get different results). And yes, there are promoted gigs now which will always show at the top. I think it’s a silly idea given how many fiverr sellers are out there. Since it will be fairly affordable, pretty much everyone could eventually opt in, and it just makes fiverr more money at the end of the day… I say we boycott it.
Also too, has anyone noticed there being issues with the ‘online search results’? In the voiceover category it has literally been frozen for at least a week and not updating real time.

Anyways, there seems to be a lot of bugs in the search results lately, i’m assuming because they are rolling out the promoted gigs feature-- so I guess glitches are to be expected. but it’s annoying.

I hate the search too. It’s gotten better, but I believe the results are only over the past X days (maybe 7). So if someone completed 5 orders over the last seven days and all perfect ratings, that will trump someone who’s gotten 50 completed order but rating was a 4.9 over those 7 days.

Doesn’t make sense.

I haven’t gotten an order in over a week on a gig that has 2000 completed deliveries. My metrics shows it’s only being clicked on a few times a day.

I have the 15% advertising set on it. And it still doesn’t work.