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Sudden order cancelled by buyer after five star review

I got order from a buyer about web search .I did the job completely on 17march and buyer give me a full five star review with 5$ tip.Today 22march he suddenly cancel the order and refund his payment without any cause .I did not understand why he did it.I tried to contact him via message but he did not reply. Now what should I do ?

Thanks in advance

Contact Customer Service and let them know you received 5 stars and that now the buyer cancelled.

It is possible the buyer is a scammer and was planning to do that. If that buyer has a lot of complaints then Fiverr will see it.

What kind of website research were you doing? (just in general, don’t have to say the specifics)

It may be that he did a chargeback through Paypal but usually his account on fiverr would close if this is what happened.
Only customer support can give you the answer to this.