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Sudden order is my New experience!

Hello everyone.

How are you? I am facing an issue. I was checking my phone & saw new order placed by X. I sent message to buyer asking him how can i help you. He provided me a reference link. After checking provided link I told him I am not able to build your project. Then he asked me REFUND his fund.

Now what can I do? I have no experience like this .

Thank you.


You have to cancel. That’s it.

Fiver is built like that: buyers can place an order any time they want without discussing it with you. Sometimes they place wrong orders and you have no choice but cancel them.

To avoid this you can try to make your description clear so that wouldn’t happen in the future


Thats why I raised the issue a few time here on the forum that “Sellers Must Have the Option To Accept or Reject The Order”. But I think the fiverr guys dont bother to read our comments.
I faced the same situation a few times. @musfakur am sorry to say but you need to Cancel the order which will eventually affect your stats.

A great gig description wont stop random “buyers” to order from you, if you get that buyer you are forced to cancel!