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Sudden serious drop in ranking without any idea why

Hi there,

Just wanted to find out if something experienced something similar like this: These past 2 years i’ve always been standing in the first 3-5 rows with my gig in social media design. But these past 2 weeks i suddenly barely got any orders at all. Usually i couldn’t keep up with demand these past 2 years. So now i noticed that my gig isn’t even in the top 300 anymore in social media design, and i can’t even guess why i suddenly dropped this much? Anyone out there have experienced something similar, cause this really killed my orders, and it’s highly annoying not knowing why it happened…


Happened to me too…there’s no method to it, it’s pretty random. Can happen to anyone, any Gig. Which is strange because I had my last negative review over a year ago, have 1930 positive reviews and just 2 negative reviews in the 2 years I’ve been here…including just one for my main Gig, the article writing one.

So I am basically looking at other sources of income such as writing ebooks and selling them on Amazon. Let’s see how it goes.

Nothing is permanent, you just have to look at new things all the time. There’s a lot over which you have no control, so no point in crying or complaining about it…just move on, even if it feels unfair.

At some times of day, I’m number one. Others, I’m number none. Just diversify your things.

Yeah I’m not as well established as some on here, but I was picking up momentum and suddenly yesterday everything just plopped no visibility at all. This sucks! I must have offended the fiverr gods, I will submit sacrificial lamb! but seriously, its concerning. I am going to add some gigs and switch others out and see what happens, but to go from cruising to dead at the side of the road that’s weird.

Good luck! You can always buzz me if you need tips :slight_smile:

Thank you, appreciate that!