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Sudden Slum in Sales

Hello fiverr experts. I am experiencing no sale at all for last few months. Has the Pandemic effected the freelancers as well? If yes, then what could be the possible measures to counter this negative impact.

Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain hiring someone to perform gig/profile optimization is not a service that is allowed on Fiverr.

You can absolutely inquire in the “Improve My Gig” subsection of the forum for users to take a look at your gigs, but replies are never guaranteed and are completely voluntary in nature.

I just took a very quick peek at your profile and immediately noticed a blank white screen as the still image for one gig, and the tell-tale “animated whiteboard hand” that is so over-used in two other gig still images.

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Yes, improving a seller’s gig for them is against TOS. Fiverr wants buyers to be aware of the genuine capabilities of the sellers. I have been asked to proofread seller’s profiles, but I know that
TOS says that is a no-no!

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