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Sudden stop in sales - VO Category, new princing structure to blame (2 - duplicate on this topic)

Hello, I am not in the VO category but can you explain what you mean by “new pricing structure”? Thanks

Your commercial rights and full broadcast rights prices look like they would discourage most buyers. Naturally buyers are going to be using the voiceovers you do in some form of advertising and are not just getting them for fun or personal use. I think you have priced yourself out of the market. I don’t know what you charged before but you might want to consider going back to lower prices if you raised them recently.

If I am missing something please explain. What new pricing structure are you referring to?

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Instead of the 3 tier pricing feature it was reverted back to the previous 1 pricing option.

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It’s not just the new pricing. It’s summer, and a heavy vacation period.

Fiverr is encouraging higher prices in the VO category, especially for business & broadcast use, so those rates are not out of line with what they are promoting.

Almost everybody who offers VO outside of Fiverr charges FAR more for broadcast use of VO… Fiverr prices for VO have often been 10% or less of the market outside…

Fiverr has also changed the way everybody is ranked and shows up in the searches, and that’s been a bigger deal for most.

It will take a month or two to know how it all shakes out, plus by Aug 8th everybody will be on the new pricing. (No packages.)

That’s when we’ll really start getting an idea of how it’s going.


I really don’t think they’re out of market, I won’t just give away my work. You do know what commercial rights and full broadcast rights mean? Some VO artists charge hundreds, even thousands of dollares for FBR. I did not raise my gig prices, and I believe the price I set for CR and FBR are more than fair.

I mean the new VO pricing structure. Fiverr sent us all an Email to change your price settings for gigs, since now they are focusing on words (in order to be more “customer-friendly” I suppose. But I believe they did something to the search algorithm.

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When you are not getting sales, making your offer more attractive is sometimes a good strategy.

If you want to stand your ground on your prices that’s up to you of course but it could be a short experiment to lower them and see what happens.


Whaaat? No more packages?
I wasn’t aware of that.

Hopefully they do that in the other categories.

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Read about it here :arrow_down:

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This trail-off of sales has happened to me too. It’s been since the beginning of June for me, so I can’t attribute it to the new pricing structure. I’m praying it does work itself out after they get a feel for how the focus on new sellers and higher priced gigs goes. While there is always a summer slump, a fellow VO artist and friend of mine has been having great months since March, and July is their best ever. They’re almost always very high in all the rankings and has lots of Commercial Rights add-ons. So summer can be slow but if you’re somehow ranked well, you can still get tons of sales.

I thank you for your advice, but I won’t lower my rates to “experiment”, because I’ve already proven my quality as a VO professional, I’m a 5 star rated seller since 2012, and I choose to offer quality over quantity, I’m not a new user on Fiverr striving to get its first sale.

I stated in my first post that sales just suddenly kept coming after I updated the pricing structure, it definitely has something to do with it.

Your Commercial / Broadcast rates are fine. If it contributes to any lost sales it’s most likely only a handful.

I’ve read on other places on the forum that Fiverr is currently favoring higher priced gigs in the search results, as well as less-accomplished (on Fiverr that is) sellers. I’ve noticed this from my own searching as well. If you search “male voice over” and you look under the Relevance sorting, you’ll see some standard fare folks, but you’ll also see a decent amount of New Sellers, Level 1s, and a lot of gigs with prices above $5. I hope it doesn’t last because I feel I’ve delivered a lot of great products for people and would love to continue to do that on Fiverr. Right now I just have to be patient, improve my gig as I can, and continue to serve my repeat customers with a smile!

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I hope not.
Packages work great for me.

My friend I mentioned earlier has had better success since switching to the new structure, FWIW.

Thank you, Nika!
Reading it now

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I agree with on the pricing.
Off-Fiverr my broadcast/commercial/full use in perpetuity rates are at least 3X more than that what I charge on Fiverr.
I’d stand my ground on the pricing also. Its the difference from 10 jobs at $5 with no full-broadcast = $50 or 2 jobs at $5 with full broadcast at $100 = $210.
My method is that volume is nice at the start, but ASP (Average Selling Price) is more important to me and my volume is down, but my ASP is around $75 ordered and over $100 custom gig.
For me July/August has been historically slow for voiceovers (on/off fiverr). May be due to vacation time or some other seasonal factor. But its been this way for me for +7 years.
I think your rates Commercial and Broadcast are acceptable. We should all bring up our rates (not likely to happen). It establishes a new floor and point of comparison for buyers.
Ride it out. Good luck!


Last month and begining of this one I had only one sale for 10$ and that’s it I am 3D Modeler btw I don’t know what the hell is happening

Stand your ground on your prices, Carlos. With Fiverr we get about 10% of what the real market for voiceovers demands for work that is truly professional, well done and on time, and if you intend to make money from the work in resale, a little extra for a commercial rights or full commercial buyout, isn’t asking much. Otherwise, you get what you pay for. I think there are other categories like certain design or writing gigs that should be able to ask for commercial rights as well.

Where you might want to adjust is in your delivery time if possible. With short scripts I give clients an extra version for free as a gift for ordering. It doesn’t really represent more than 10 minutes of extra effort if the script is less than 100 words or so, and they’ll feel the value.

Saludos and buena suerte from Cancun!



If I charged what my gigs are worth I would never get sales. I usually tell people here they charge too little but they are swamped with sales for a month in advance.

No sales = lower prices.

Too many sales = raise prices.

No sales but determined to keep prices up = good luck.


I have noticed a big slow down since the change - wasn’t sure if it was due to taking 2 weeks vacation, but the timing is coincidental with the category changes (I changed on the first day). It is winter here though, so I don’t have summer vacation to blame :wink:

I actually like that they have introduced the broadcast rights extra, as it makes that seem normal to be included (which it should be) and I expect will raise the prices in the whole category - which is a good thing!

I wish it didn’t say internet on the broadcast rights extra through, as I would only want that extra purchased for actual broadcasts - such as TV/Radio and I think internet use should be covered under the commercial gig extra.

I did like how you could previously include the commercial use for free - well as included in your base price (and it showed as included on your gig)

I’ve experimented with my gigs a bit over the last few days, so hopefully things will come back to normal soon!


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