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Sudden stop in sales


I have been getting plenty of orders with all 5-star reviews, then all of a sudden none. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t know whats wrong


It’s Christmas! (shouted in a kind of Noddy Holder tribute way). :slightly_smiling_face::christmas_tree:


I thought if anything, my sales would increase



It happens, I was super busy last week and now, nothing so just keep getting your stuff out there and the orders will come


Same all story every year, if your services aren’t holidays related you will see a drop in orders.


I see… Understood properly


I’m very encouraged to hear this. I only started selling about a month ago and noticed a huge drop in my impressions, clicks, etc. Glad to know that’s just kind of the cycle.


Nothing sort of NEWS to me! Have been experiencing this since the journey. :smirk: