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Suddenly all of my buyers are "waiting for an update from me"

Okay, this is new.

All the orders are custom offers that were discussed beforehand. All the buyers accepted, put either “thank you” or “as discussed” into the requirements form and that was that. The orders are in progress, I haven’t received any new comments that I need to address (when such a reminder would usually pop up).

I contacted CS, they told me to log out, clear the cookies, the usual stuff. I did all that and it’s not helping. Any advice? It’s getting on my nerves, I don’t need two timers for each order, one next to another.

Thank you.


Yes! I have the same and I was really confused, checking if I missed any messages from my clients :thinking:
So we have another glitch. Which is pretty annoying because I need to double check if I really have questions from clients or not and not to miss the ones that indeed contacted me.

Another glitch that is really bothering me is the “earned in “month” displayed incorrectly. Which is only a display issue, the amount is correct in pending clearance but it’s quite annoying to see the lower amount earned than it is in reality.

And another one where real money missing for withdrawal, they just disappeared after pending clearance and was never added to available for withdrawal. My ticket is open for over a month now.


Hmmm. That means that no amount of logging in/out and clearing cookies will help.

CS has now told me that I need to stay logged out for 6 hours for the “fix” to work but I won’t be able to do that till before I go to bed anyway.

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I have had this occur now for the last 3 days. I also thought perhaps I was missing a message on the order page or in my message box, but, no, they are just normal orders people place that are in queue awaiting me to work on them.

I HATE it - it is like a neon sign on the dashboard acting like you are ignoring these people, when you are not - and not only that, I have nothing to “update” these clients on. All it is, is that they filled out the requirements I need as well as write me a little blurb about their question they want an answer to.

It is an annoying bug or new feature, that is for sure.



I have this as well and yesterday I replied to the last order with the usual “Thank you for your order …” message and it disappeared.

I think that they register the made order as an update and you need to reply to it for it to go away.

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Feels more like “don’t bother me please for another 6 hours”.
Tbh I don’t think it’s going to work.
By the way, I don’t have that notification on the orders that were placed today

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