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Suddenly clicks and impressions started getting very low

my gigs are on the first page regarding my title keywords. in the beginning, my gigs are getting clicks very good but suddenly it started to decrease in fact 0 clicks per day, please guide me for improvement


I’ve also been getting this. The market on Fiverr is rapidly expanding with new sellers offering the same services potentially at a much lower price. I experimented by changing my gig titles and prices, they increase the clicks and impressions but rapidly decrease after a week or 2.

Seems as though the market is flooded with those affected being left on the sidelines.
My order rate has dropped 90% due to this over the past month and a half.

I’ve heard and seen people on the forum posting news that they made 10sales with in 1 week upon joining Fiverr.

So there is nothing we can actually do, unless you plan on changing your gig price and titles every so often i say just ride it out and see what happens.


Mine too :frowning_face:

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it will solve soon. no worries. Keep working

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same situation :worried:

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Keep bidding everyday wish it do it every day marketing your best seller gig#happy_freelancing

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Welcome to the forum!

This topic will help you


same problem faced brother!

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Are you facing the same problem too? Usually i received one message almost every day, but now i received few messages in the last two weeks. I think that exist something wrong as others sellers are facing the same issue.

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Let me explain, as you can see im top rated sellers with 16 500+ reviews

I have total 4 gigs all of them were in 1-3 page filter category for like 2 years, now I’m on the last page (or unreachable page) with all of my gigs, there are 1000 gigs with 0 reviews, 4.5 gig rating with better placement in search

Promote your gigs to boost sales?
25 000 Social media followers, a portfolio website links lead on my fiverr gig with 1000+mo/views, promoted by pages with 1m+ followers.

Results = Absolute nothing

Gig rotation is totally random.


last few month It`s also happen to with me.


please read fiverr blog. i hope its helpfull

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Dear @skydesigner
Same issue. I really need to back on the search. Please please help me.
Thank you

same problem faced brother! :relaxed: :joy: :joy: