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Suddenly.. completed my first order!

So eh. Hello there.
Three days ago I’ve received, suddenly, my very first order and today it was completed successfully. I guess nothing really beats than that very first order you get. Why? Because it gives you a valuable experience on how to work with a client and what kind of “flaws” your gig contains in case there are some.

Nonetheless, I’ll just give a small bit of how exactly I got my first order. Perhaps it will be of any help to others, who are clueless:
My first gig had around 17k competitors so I wasn’t really “standing” out there, amongst the others. So I decided to ‘narrow’ down my services to something more specific. A niche within a niche or as some may call it - a sub niche. In my case, my first gig was focused on drawing characters. So I narrowed it down to “drawing emote chibis”. Its basically the same idea - characters, but super oversimplified.

And who could have guessed! It did work out and I even got a five star review ^^

My point is: Try do your researches, find something more exclusive that you are capable of doing and that has less competitors and be patient. It will come in sooner or later but as long as you know what you are doing and how you are doing, it will come.

P.S - Wanted my post to be more than just a “Yay, first order, cheer for me.” but something a bit more informative and helpful. Have a good day, folks!

Ten out.


congratulations. wish you all the best.

Yes I agree that having 17k people as competition is too much. I’m also a new seller and hoping to slowly climb up the ladder. Good luck to us all


same to me bro good luck to us all