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Suddenly decrease my Response Rate

Hi, I am transparent_its.
My Response Rate decreased suddenly. because, A spam message came up a few days ago. And a message from fiverr “This is a spam message, If you do not respond, the rate will not decrease.” So, I did not open the message. But after 1 days, I see my Response Rate decreased 83% which was 100%;

I’m unhappy with it. Please help me in this matter.


We cannot help you improve your response rate. You will have to do that by responding efficiently to all first-time messages. If you feel that something is technically wrong with your situation, then you will have to contact Customer Support and ask for their help.

Fiverr will indeed tell you that you don’t need to reply, but we’ve had the same experience as you, even with Spam messages. Our policy now is to reply to ALL messages, even the Spam ones. For Spam messages, we just write a one/two word response (something like “no thanks”), THEN we mark the message as Spam. This keeps our response rate up, and allows us to use the Spam function.

As @jonbaas has explained to you, nothing can be done about your score by anyone here on the forum. Customer Support might be able to help, but they weren’t able to do anything for us, we just had to ride it out until the score naturally increased due to us replying to all other messages.


Aww it’s really a sad news, but how can we force you to respond immediately. Even that was an unintentional act but it already done, so get a lesson from your bad experience and wait until you again can maintain your response time.

This is very important, same massage came to me. I opened it try to take me wrong direction but I gave answer .

Not to worry pal, luckily response rate is the easiest thing to get back up to 100%. Just be sure to keep replying to all messages from here on out and you’ll be golden!


wait some days it’s automatic have increase

It’s not a huge issue. Don’t worry your response rate changes for every months.

Thanks for answering.

Response rate only takes into account the past 60 days. So if you had good responses before those 60 days, but then had some slow responses, after the 60 days the good ones will no longer be counted and the response rate will drop until those bad responses expire and you build your response rate back up.

Your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first responses you sent within 24 hours over the last 60 days.

Reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours.

Also you can contact customer support. They will fix your issue.