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Suddenly disable my account

suddenly disable my account. please sir give me solution solve my problem.

Contract with CS. They will help you

Check the email they sent you or share it here, so people can give you ideas. But don’t expect solutions from us. We are sellers, not Fiverr’s employees. Go to customer support.


thanks for good suggestion.

Also are you showing too much info in the profile image? Maybe that could be something to do with it?

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Do you have a literal scan of your passport as your profile picture?

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It’s a screenshot (cropped ) from OP’s national id card (issued by bd govt) ,

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I think that’s the reason for the account being disabled. Cropped or not, there are still pieces of legal information for everyone to see. I’m not sure why OP thought it was a great idea to keep everything other than the photo.

Since it’s temporarily disabled, they may be looking for someone who can read the language to check if any identifying personal information is there.

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My NID’s photos are my worst photograph. I’m not sure why OP used his nid’s photo on Fiverr :roll_eyes:

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Could be an attempt to look presentable and serious. There is nothing more serious than a government ID photo.