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Suddenly fall down Order Completion rate!

Hello Everyone!

I am facing some issues about my Order Completion Rate. After completing 7 projects I have had 2 cancellation. My order completion rate was 71%. But without doing any projects & without any cancellation suddenly my order completion rate fall down 67%.

Today I have completed a project. So my total projects are 8 & i got 2 cancellations. So My order completion rate should be 75%. But unfortunately It is showing 71%. What should i do in this regards? How can i get back my proper order completion rate?

Thank you in advance.

Well, it’s not a “sudden” completion ratio drop.

It’s a simple math and 60 days roll out.

I suggest you read fiverr terms on how it works or simply search this forum, it’s been explained many times. (Or hopefully someone else will be more helpful than me and will actually do all the math for you and explain 60 days roll out period)


@mariashtelle1 Thank you for your response.

This may be helpful to you: