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Suddenly fall down

Hello, i am raqebul hassan.

i want share my October monthly experience. beginning of this month i share my gig to some FB group for marketing then i got one Malaysian client, who placed very small amount 3 orders.after successfully done these order.i got some more orders and continuously rise up my gig rank and my gig go up in top rank page in 18th October. this time i have 4 active order with same rank gigs. but in 22th October again my top rank gig continuously falling down from rank page. today i not find my gig anywhere and no client message. i have 2 active order now for same gig which are falling down. any body have any idea why this happening?

P.S: i done total 9 order by my gig which one falling down now…all feedback are 5 star.


Gigs are shuffled around in the search results. No seller is guaranteed to have their gigs at the top indefinitely. If your gig is “falling down”, then perhaps now is a good time to no rely upon the search results for all of your sales, and, instead, continue your marketing efforts to bring in your own clients. You are are responsible for your sales. Fiverr does not guarantee sales to any seller here on Fiverr. It is not their responsibility to ensure that you remain as successful as you want to be. You, as a freelancer, are required to make your gigs what you want them to be. Set goals for yourself, and work hard to achieve those goals. That is the only way to set yourself up for consistent success.


OP this happens to all sellers. Gigs go up and down a lot, all the time. We don’t have answers about how to always keep your gig on top. I’ve tried to understand why my own gigs do that and so far haven’t figured it out. It seems that fiverr likes to change gigs positions frequently.