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Suddenly Fiver support team canceled my order, why?

Recently, I have a bad experience. I have complete a order with buyer tip and 5 star review at last 20 days ago… But Today receive a message that The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.The order funds have been returned to the buyer.
My question is why i need to returned funds…I have complete my work and get tips and 5 star review…

Please expert help me to give me some information so that i do not return.

I can feel your pain. There is nothing we can do. But don’t lose your motivation keep working

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really, we are very helpless

On your place I would’ve reached out to support team to ask them the reason for cancellation and attach them screenshots that order was delivered as promised and screenshots of 5 star review and a tip


It seems that buyer initiated a charge back with its payment processor and the funds were returned to the seller. Fiverr has no control over it.

Please contact Fiverr support to find out actually what happened.

If it said “fiverr support cancelled the order” then it wasn’t a chargeback.

If it’s a chargeback the message would be “buyer cancelled the order”.


Thank you for your replay…

@mariashtelle1 It’s said The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.

@mariashtelle1 It’s said The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support… is it chargeback?

I’m sorry, but did you even read what I wrote?


I can only assume what could have caused this based on my past experience. That is why I suggested @rd_sajib to contact Fiverr support.