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Suddenly getting order was stopped!

don’t know whats going on me :persevere::persevere::persevere: suddenly my gig is dropping the rank day by day. recently I won the level 2 badge but after getting this badge my expected order getting stop. and last few days I was not getting any new buyers SMS or any order. I am worried about that and there any solution?

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It’s one of fiverr’s biggest mystery of all time. I earned over $250 USD last month, now it went back to zero. It’s from one of my translation gig alone. 5.0 review, 95% completion rate.

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its dissappointing!!last month i completed almost 20 up orders on my best selling gig but in this month i am passing my day idley.:persevere::persevere:

I feel you pal. It’s really frustrating for sellers like us. Like a roller coaster ride, you get ups and downs. Earn big time, then next month you get zero for no reason. Since 2015, no exact explanation about why.


mysterious fiverr as always !!