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Suddenly getting stop orders!

Hi Guys,

My gig was working fine and I was getting 5 to 6 orders on weekly basis, butt from the last one month suddenly I have stop getting orders and inquiries as well. But I’m getting impression. And it’s seem’s like fiverr is dead for me. Please help me I’m in trouble.

Thank you,

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Probably due to spring break, easter, lent, and the like. Sales should be back up soon. I’ve been noticing a similar decline in my kindle and lulu royalties for the month of April.


I hope you’re right because this is the slowest month for me too


I hope so, because that would explain why my Lulu Royalties stopped, my Kindle royalties slowed to a halt, and all this talk about slowing Fiverr sales.

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It’s also tax season here in the U.S. so it could be that as well. It’s also a rather slow month for me. it’s the first in quite some time, but I’m okay with that because it allows me to spend time elsewhere - family, gym and the park.


It’s happening to me too since I started in 2014, there are some periods when the sales drop almost to none, next week everything should be as usual

I panicked too LOL

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Ohh, I experience the same too. Hope it will get better soon.


I experienced the same since last week, should be slow month.

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I have noticed the same thing as well. I was wondering what happened and I just recently started. March was good for me but April, I’ve only got one job. I will stay patient though but it’s rough.