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Suddenly Gig disappeared

Hi, My name is Moktar, I am the New #level_one seller. When I searched my gig I found in 2 number page. but I could not find now. anyone can tell me. how can I do now?

Thank advance.


Have you modified the gig recently?

No brother…

I am facing the same issue at the moment, I noticed my gig impression just went down to 1 and red…Though, I have not making any sales on the account…How can I turn things round…Thank you

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Hi bro,
Have got back your gig yet?

Mine disappears regularly for 1-4 months at a time. Then comes back up for a couple of weeks, and vanishes again. Can easily see when it happens too, as to-do list shrinks from 40-60 to 4-10 usually, consisting mainly of returning buyers.

But I still haeven’t figured out why that is, and how to prevent it. Started happening late last year, after 7 years of being very stable.

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I got it back a long time ago

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How many time your gig remain disappear? And how do you get back. Could you please share with me? It would be really helpful for. I am seriously frustrated.

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I got back two days after it disappeared.

i am facing this issue since January what i will do ?

can you please share how you get back

Hey @animationhubb
Keep Gig marketing continues.

same things going with me almost from last 3 months i am facing this issue since feb 2020 if you found its solution please share it with me.