Suddenly gig goes to 6 page from 3 page


hy ,all i don’t know how suddenly my gig fall down to 6 page from 3 page yesterday.please share your experience about there any issue with my account? thanks


Do you recently cancel orders?


no. i recently did not cancel any order…thanks


do i would contact customer support?


Then it may be due to search algorithm update, yes you can contact CS, but don’t know if that works :slight_smile:


me also…thank you…:slight_smile:


what will you tell them? put my gigs first? nobody has crown here, deal with it :smiling_imp:


hey thanks for your comment.but am not crazy to put my gig first ,i just want to know why its occured …


A number of people are experiencing odd things like this. In my opinion, the algorithm they are testing is not working properly. However, I’ve heard that the Developers are working to straighten it all out.


some times i thought that also,but don’t know it will solve or not…what do you think? thanks


I have to hope they can solve this! I believe the Developers are working in a positive direction. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right!

From what I have heard, they are trying for a “dynamic and rotating” search function. That means everyone gets better exposure, and not just a lucky few on top all the time, and others get no relevant search exposure.

I do think that’s a good thing, and that’s the target!



Hi ,

You have to reallocate the search tags in your gig . At now fiverr is down otherwise you can search about it in fiverr academy about the guidance on search tags related to new algorithms . However there are other things also that may effect your gig position like order completion rate , early delivery , 5 star ratings , Traffic on your gig , Number of favorites etc

Hope it will helps you ,



Wait for their new alogrithms :yum:


I agree - let it all get sorted out.


Same here, mine goes to 2nd page from 1st :frowning: