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Suddenly Gig move 1st page to last page

I am new seller my account age is 37 days. And I have completed 39 order. and Total Earning is $384. I my always 1st page now today i see my gig Suddenly showing is last page? What is the reasons? Now my account running order 6. How can possible ? I ask many people what is the reasons. but one can people don’t know the right answer. Fiverr CS don’t clear this matter. they says your performances is low. if my performances is low my gig obviously stay in 2nd page. how can it stay in last page? other seller who are services provide no review no rating they are stay in 2nd page. I hope fiverr system will be solved their bug. Please any one help me. Thank you so much.


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New accounts get a temporary boost. It sounds like that has now run out.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.


My gig also went 1st page to the 10th will check this one!! Thank you!

It’s called Gig Rotation.

Learn about it here:


I do not whats this. but it is demotivating old sellers and making their future uncertain, I have been working in fiverr more than 2 years and have complete almost 4k orders and my gig is not appearing in search.


I am on last pages for 10 months very strange.

It’s fiverr ranking factor. Don’t worry it will take the place again. So, be Patient!
Complete the 6 orders. Then you will see your gig on fornt page again!

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I have even completed more than 6 orders and its not there

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its been almost three months I cant see my gig anywhere. its really disappointing

You should consider looking at this (and many other threads which discuss the same thing)