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Suddenly gigs disappeared even all my gigs were on top

i was getting 10-12 orders per day and acheived $23K in 4 months but suddenly all my gigs dissapeared when i delivered 5-6 orders late and due to some i tried to recovering my gigs from last month by doing my best but still it’s not working.any one faced such experience or any solution for this.


You could try setting/adjusting the “limit orders in queue” figure to ensure you don’t get too many orders in one go and/or increase the delivery time a bit but maybe still deliver as soon as you can, to make it a lot less likely you’ll deliver late. Maybe make the “1 day delivery” an extra.

thank you my friend but now it disspaeared and any way to recover it even i am delivering on time but still it’s not working.

Disappeared from search but still active? If it’s not in search at all you could contact CS. If it’s just low in the search results, as you deliver more orders without being late or with fewer cancellations (or hopefully none), with positive ratings, then I assume it should move up in the search results. You could also post offers for buyer requests to get more orders.

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When your delivery rate stat becomes green you’ll get where you were!!


thank you so much Saaddennis.i was also thinking the same thing but did you practically noticed that it is due to that?

thank you so much :slight_smile:

I didn’t but close friends of mine did, not one, not 2… many :blush:

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Hii friend,

My all gigs also disappear from last 4 days. My on time delivery score is 100%. You guys know how to recover? Thanks

You can “recover” by having a better gig performance than your competition. If other gigs are “ranked” higher than you in search engine results, then it’s would appear that they are performing better according to Fiverr’s internal algorithm metrics.


Fiverr’s algorithm is faulty.
How come a gig with 5 reviews and a 4.7 stars rating is on the first page, while my gig which has 51 reviews and 5 stars rating is on the 6th page!!!
(Response Rate, Delivered on Time, Order Completion all are %100 with 1 hours Response Time)
What else can I do!

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It isn’t faulty.

Your rating isn’t what governs profits.

Think about it.

I cannot answer this because I do not know the internal metrics by which the Fiverr algorithm ranks seller gigs. I have been told, personally, as have many other sellers, that the current Fiverr search system is working as it is intended, so it would appear that the system is not faulty, and is operating as Fiverr designed it to operate.


Rally, without ratings gigs on fist page and only 2-3 veterans sellers on first page.

While most rated gigs last page and not rotation it all

Fiverr team should update their system

It might be but if you do a quick search in any category you select sort by best selling you’ll see that something is wrong as random gigs are showed with few feedback in the first place and a 1k review gig next and again in loop so I don’t understand how can fiverr profit by showing gigs with few reviews in the very beginning of the first page.

If you don’t know metrics how you gurantee it is working fine as designed.
Maybe fault in design

Yes with keyword these are top

Screenshot_20190727-131114_Fiverr Screenshot_20190727-131108_Fiverr Screenshot_20190727-131055_Fiverr

Check last two gigs that are on last page with 500 and 400 reviews.