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Suddenly gigs disappeared even all my gigs were on top

Did you have any luck? I have worked on fiverr exclusively in 2019 for 13+ hours daily and I had ‘fiverr’s choice’ badge for 3 gigs many times. Gigs were always on top and most of the times I was tired of managing new orders and now it’s at the VERY BOTTOM AND LAST. All 3 very active gigs (2 gigs not on top before) I’m sure fiverr is doing something strange. Why would they give us hope to build a career here and try to destroy it in 1 day?

It happens to my MAIN gig now. It disappeared for 10 days :confused:
My gig was at the first row and first place. Impression was at 2000 and now it comes to ZERO!. Very sad. To get this much of impression and maintaining that, there is huge hard work behind it. I couldn’t agree it comes to Zero in the next day.

I think fiverr updates their algorithm but it affects many active profile gigs. Thats sad!

It’s normal. Fiverr reshuffles the gig orders through the search every couple of months so that new sellers and less popular sellers have a chance to be found. Then it reshuffles back to the best sellers with good ratings and stats. It’s a way to try to even out the system to give everyone a chance. Your orders might tank for a couple of months but if you keep your ratings up at 100% on everything you’ll be back on the first page in no time. This has happened to me 2-3 times now


Giving a chance to new sellers is absolutely needed. That’s how we all got a chance. But do you think the main guys should be pushed to the very bottom so that they cannot be found without filtering country, level 2 status etc? Now, the impressions will come down drastically and it will be tough to get big orders quickly. Now, from trying to manage too many orders to this situation!

Thank you for clarifying!

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Did your gig go to the very last page? I think yours might have more shuffling because of many voice over artists.

I’ve had times where my gig hasn’t appeared in listings at all - but even then I was still getting orders. My impressions etc have never dropped to 0, even when I was way down/not showing up without all of the most specific filters set. I’ve had huge orders worth 100s of dollars while not on the front pages of the listings. Honestly, it’s not really worth worrying about - while there have been times my orders have cut in half, it’s never dropped to 0, and over the course of the year it balances out.

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I am having the same issue please help even I am level seller two, I am facing that issue for last 2 months

it happened to me also. even if you maintain positive rating. this fiverr bugs my all gigs disappear search results. even CS unable to fix

CS try to compromise instead of help on this.

@wiki00 @vaschelsea. I had the exactly the same case Bros. I have worked on Fiverr in 2019 for 20+ hours daily. Gigs were always on top or in 1 to 3 position and getting 5-10 orders per day. Same most of the times I was also tired of managing new orders. But after 2 cancellations of big amount of order, Suddenly all my gigs had disappeared from Search Engine. I contact CS, they response after 40 days. Now it’s at the VERY BOTTOM AND LAST from last 2 months.
I was so much depressed and now I am disappointed :disappointed: with Fiverr. Building a career on Fiverr is too much risky. We don’t know when Fiverr destroy our career that we did build from much hard work, commitment, late night working and full of dedication. :cry:

Dear can you help me how you recover your sales again on that particular gig again?