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Suddenly gigs disappeared from all pages

Hi, I am a level 2 seller with 5.0 rating and 279 reviews. My Gig was on top of the search of Logo designing category. Suddenly my all gigs disappear from top search and fiverr search engine through all of them on last of the page and even I can only see my gigs on last row when I apply the filters of level 2 and online sellers. I am really worried about this. without any reasons and without any negative feedback and order cancellation, why its happened to my gigs. If someone help how I can again rank my gigs on top search of logo designing category, please do it.Thanks

Same thing just happened to me! I am a Level 1 Seller for 4.9 rating and was ranking in the first few rows of the top page. About 2 days ago I suddenly stopped receiving new buyers (which is very unusual) - when I checked, I couldn’t find my gig listing unless I put the filter “online” and “local”. I wonder if something has recently happened with Fiverr’s algorithm? :frowning:

I was facing this problem from last 2 month and i didn’t get any valid solution about how to rank again my gigs. And also I didn’t get any valid answer that why we suddenly push back to last pages without any mistake ? :sleepy: :pensive: :relieved: Hope so ASAP fiverr resolve this issue.

Same. My best selling gig just dissapeared from search 2 weeks ago.

maybe Fiverr is trying to help/promote the new fiverr seller ??

I think so. On most of the search tags we can see the newbies on top of the pages.

Same happened with me 2 months ago and still I am waiting.

Hi @creatives_de I can understand the situation you are going through. I am also facing the same problem, my gig was on first page and now it is on last page for more than a month. Views, clicks and impressions are going down day by day. I am unable to find out the reason why it is happening.

Hey there, did someone already find any solutions?

I don’t know whats the problem with fiverr .
I have done very hardwork to bring my gig to first page and when I succeeded Fiverr just removes my all gigs.
I don’t know whats the problem with such a great marketplace ?
are they surrendered ? means they are not available to correct their service?
if someone do such a hardwork and atlast he receives such result of his work, I think this only happens at fiverr.
anyhow dont know what to say about such highly marketplace whose rules are secret.