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Suddenly got dropped

Hello Fiverr,

From the past 1 or 2 weeks, my sales suddenly got dropped. I am very confused about abput it. My response rate and everything is 90+ but still, I am figuring out that what is the reason. Anyone here who can help me with this?

My profile link :

Thank you,
Ya Abul Fazil

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Hello! I have the same problem and dont understand anything…

Check your gigs ranking many best sellers facing same issue but Fiverr is saying ranking rotates a time

My all gigs on last page in each category facing issue since 23 April

I am facing the same issue. Please check few discussions in last few days but we can’t help you. My gigs jumped on the last few pages. There is probably a revision in the sorting algorithm and few other parameters are added so a big part of veteran gigs are working on 10%-20% in the last month.

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Where you from? In which country?