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Suddenly hideen the gig from search function! :(


Hello my gigs are on top before week at web and mobile design category and then now it’s away from the list …

what’s the reason and it’s affect on my orders i was make everything proper so why i am not available on search list?



Read this post.


The system lowered your Gig’s Ratio (it’s not your reputation - it’s Gig’s hidden tech parameter)

If you are not in index at all - CSupport will sort it.
The system keeps losing index data.


thanks but it’s not fair for each


This post was created for writing ONLY - not for reading.



May be it will help you - 2 days I write about to be visibe in search index.
It’s only my opinion - maybe I’m not right.


much appreciate your reply but you started selling with one gig and this gig is fire then why we should to start with new one…