Suddenly I couldn't find one of my popular gig on the search list


My gig was in the first 3 line for last one and half years! But from last week it starts declining and now it’s gone from search list. On the dashboard it looks good, I can edit everything. Already edited - changed description, pictures and so many things but still it’s not on the search list. Even 3 orders are in the queue on that particular gig. All my other gigs are fine. Just facing problem with this one.

What could be the reason? can anyone help?



Mee too. please someone help me.


Have you updated your gig?


Mine was denied because a Fiverr bod could not be bothered to read it. I think there are a lot of lazy editors working and one skimmed through your gig and saw one word that suggested ( in their minds ) that your site should be denied ( yes I know it was up before).

They never tell you, so just contact support they will probably mark your gig as denied and get a standard answer then start guessing.


Actually it depends on fiverr bod! you never know when your gig will came up to front and when it will disappear :frowning:


Thank you for your suggestion! I will contact with fiverr support soon :slight_smile: