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Suddenly I stopped receiving messages and orders from new buyers

I received messages from different buyers since the start of this month. I completed different orders and earned great money. They all gave me 5 star reviews and good feedbacks. I was new seller and only had about 12 reviews in the start of this month. And now I have almost 23 reviews (but still new seller) and completed about 10 orders in this month. But since last 10 days I have not received any message from new buyers. I am getting impressions and clicks as well as orders from old buyers but not receiving messages and orders from new buyers. I didn’t change the price of my gig’s packages. They are all same as were before. But why I am not receiving messages and orders from new buyers? I am worried about that. Please help me. Thanks a lot.


Also looking for answer of this question… :thinking:

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The algorithm rotates gigs … you’ve probably had your gig rotated to the back … happens to all of us …


How can I get rid of this issue?

You can’t - the Fiverr algorithm is theirs, not yours.

All you can do is see if you can improve your gig to make it more relevant to what people are searching for. Bear in mind editing your gigs will take them out of search altogether for a day or two …


This is normal thing.
Don’t be upset, keep good working, I hope your gig ranked again.

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its normal, be patent.

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muhammadikram24 opps same

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but my gigs are ranking. I got 20 clicks in the last 7 days but not any message.

Then wait. :smiley: :smiley:

Fiverr gig (or better to say profile) rotation is a bit unfair, and doesn’t have anything with gig performance, sharing gig on social media or anything like that. You can have 20 000 followers promotion from famous company, bring thousands of buyers, have 15 000 reviews, one day you are on first and next 15 days you are on last page.

Hope they will make some changes soon

what about your gig impression ? is there any decrease ? choose last 2 month and check the different.

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The orders that I got are from old buyers. I am getting impressions and clicks but not new messages from new buyers

Maybe no one at the moment is in need of your service. Your past performance will not always mirror your future.


i mean, any changes in the impression pattern. ?
however this is not a bug. this is gig rotation. it will back within 2,3 weeks.

**NOTE: there’s a bug like all gig impressions (best selling gigs) down to bottom in the same day and that gigs stuck in the last page. (under the non reviewed gigs) and not moving like gig rotation.

don’t panic at all you will get more jobs soon and when you do continue the good work. delivery on time and high quality jobs.

Perhaps there is something about your gigs that those that click on them do not find to be something they want to purchase?


Then it’s not issues, if you find your gig in fiverr search page then it’s completely fine,
but some of seller don’t find their gig even last page then it’s a problem.

I have the same issue at this moment. I can not get any messages and orders from new buyers. How many days need to solve it ?