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Suddenly my Gig dropped to last in search results

Hello Fiverr, I am facing an issue with one of my gigs though I have seen that lots of people facing this issue but I am totally surprised when this happens to me. I am a level 2 seller with 4.9 overall ratings and 4.9 ratings with that specific gig, this gig is my “best seller”, about two weeks ago it suddenly disappears from search results and It stopped getting new orders when I did check, I realized it is not showing on search results then I have changed/update title and tags then it start showing in the last number in search results Although I have completed projects during these days it is still in the end, nothing happens, about 2 weeks ago it was in the first 3 lines from +154K gigs but Now it is in the last numbers, I have not got any single negative feedback/review from 122 reviews on my profile, Response Rate 99%, Delivered on Time 98%, Order Completion 98% but I am totally surprised with that and Now getting no new orders, Fiverr is my only source of income, I am trying to contact customer support from 2 days but unfortunately it is not working its shows “your request sending failed”. Please, anyone, suggest something. I would really appreciate that. Thank you.


I have also Same issue

i am also facing these issue. i am a level zero seller but my gig was showing from page 1 to 3 but now it disappears.

I am also facing these issue with level 1 seller, my gig at fist page first line, suddenly I find the gig missing. Presently now it at last page.
Anyone suggest what wrong. I will glad to know and appreciate.
Thank you all.

I too have fallen foul of this. After a couple of times of my gigs having completely disappeared from the searches, And after i raised a ticket they eventually done something that made my gigs reappear in the searches, no explanation or apology was ever given…Now this i feel is really bad as shows complete disregard for customer service which we pay 20% of all gigs tips etc to Fiverr so a lot more consideration should be given.

NOW as I am in my section amongst sellers with a great amount of sales and all my stats are great, (great rating, great response time, great completions etc) I always appeared in the first page of searches (it did vary the position in the first page as there is an algorithm and no guarantee where your gig appears) but one assumes the algorithm takes into consideration all stats sales etc as to placement thus me always appearing on that first page…SUDDENLY ALL of my gigs now appear on any search on the very last page and to add to insult close to the very bottom of the same…

Now nothing changed my stats are the same still level 2 seller with a 5* rating and 100% on most stats and one stat 97% …I raised a ticket and at first I was given the run around that they cannot do anything as is an algorithm that decides the gig position…I reiterated what i said above here and I was told they would look into it it has been now more than 8 days and nothing happened, I have now also written to Fiverr CEO and I am awaiting to see if at least the CEO cares…AS the result on being on the last page is sales have now completely stopped (as no one can or will see my gigs) I am amongst people with no sales poor stats etc …how is that fair…

Took me years to get where I was and now i am excommunicated, and I feel they don’t care about me or even customers as I do provide a service which customers were happy with giving great experience to buyers also over the years made contribution (20%) to Fiverr of over 2K yet nothing appears to matter …I dunno what to do to get the help I deserve…Truly hope someone high enough reads this and sees how unfairly treated I am and help