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Suddenly my gig is death

Last few months i am working very well. in fact, I got to level 2. But suddenly 3 days ago I didn’t get any new text then I saw my gig is not anywhere. but before it was in first page first row. it’s a serious issue for me. there is nothing that happened to my gig death. it’s my very promising and getting so much order gig. This problem for 1 gig. how can I fix it? please help me


Was it on first page in Recommended or Best Selling sorting? If recommended, then that does not last long at all. Days or a couple of weeks at most, at least from my experience.

If best selling, that can last for years. And if it’s no longer there suddenly, then you most likely have edited your gig, which often drops it to last page for a very long time.

I’ve also noticed that many level 1 sellers seem to get noticeably more orders than level 2 sellers, so might also be that.

i didn’t edit it. even i didn’t touch it. no its not recommended. its just a normal gig but it was first page last 3 month and i got huge response . and from last 3 days i didn’t find it anywhere and i did’t get any text . @adsensewizard